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Domestic violence murders are on the rise. After nearly four decades of decline, the past four years have revealed a disturbing trend. Murder at the hands of a romantic partner or ex has increased by 26%, and the overwhelming majority of victims are female. These are the kind of statistics that Teri Yuan is certain can’t be ignored.

Teri has been an advocate for victims of domestic violence for over ten years. A survivor herself, she knows firsthand the struggle that comes with leaving an abuser. Working over the years with lawyers, activists, policy makers and advocacy groups, Teri saw what she perceived to be a glaring omission from survivor services: feminism.

The statistics can’t be ignored. The number of female victims of domestic violence far outweighs that of men. That’s not to discredit male survivors of abuse, but to illustrate the point that women and men are not equally as likely to be the perpetrators of abuse. To that end, Teri seeks to incorporate the subject of male power and privilege into the conversation.

Creating first the en(gender)ed podcast, and then the en(gender)ed collective, Teri seeks to “build a cultural awareness of power, privilege, abuse and oppression so that we can better identify, confront, prevent and heal from it.” Using a format for the podcast that includes a survior’s story along with an interview from any number of professionals in the field (therapists, activists, policy makers, etc.), Teri illustrates the ways in which the culture of male privilege inherently leads to oppression and abuse of the non-dominant gender.

Through the podcast as well as the collective, Teri hopes to create an international network of survivors in order to support each other and, in turn, educate the greater community of the inequity at play in an effort to end to domestic violence.

Key Topics

-       Introducing Teri. [00:47]

-       Reason for starting the en(gender)ed podcast. [01:25]

-       Misconceptions surrounding domestic violence. [04:23]

-       Ways we can make shifts towards equality. [06:04]

-       Structure of the podcast. [08:19]

-       How Teri seeks to turn dialogue to engagement. [09:02]

-       How the en(gender)ed collective grew from the podcast. [10:24]

-       Teri’s reason for choosing podcasting as a medium for her message. [13:38]

-       How listening to a podcast in shared space offers privacy. [14:54]

-       The challenges that come with seeking out greater listenership. [16:28]

-       How you can help make a difference.  [19:51]

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